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-'''m_k''' (Michał Kursa)+===m_k (Michał Kursa)===
-----+*'''age''': 23
- +
-*'''age''': 22+
*'''location''': Warsaw, Poland [worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=52.29409&lon=21.05048&alt=3990 :] *'''location''': Warsaw, Poland [worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=52.29409&lon=21.05048&alt=3990 :]
-*'''occupation:''' student (Geodesy & Cartography)+*'''occupation:''' student (Geodesy & Cartography) []
-Wasting my time sitting on [[Chat|#worldwind]] channel, moderating [[Forums|forums]] and [[Main Page|wiki]] (which means fighting spam), trying to help n00bs with their [[World Wind]] problems (just [[World Wind FAQ|RTFF!]] ;)...<br> last, but not least - dying of boredom+I sit on [[Chat|#worldwind]] channel, moderate [[Forums|forums]] and look after [[Main Page|wiki]], help n00bs with their [[World Wind]] problems...
 +''Generally, I am trying to help wherever I can;''<br />
 +''but usually - just dying of boredom. :P''
---- ----
-'''my add-ons:'''+ 
-*[[Add-on:Poland place names]]+===some of my contributions===
-*[[Add-on:Poland add-on]]+*add-ons:
-*[[Add-on:Tour de France]]+**[[Add-on:Poland place names|Poland place names]]
-*[[Add-on:Holy Places]]+**[[Add-on:Poland add-on|Poland add-on]]
-*[[Add-on:Great Explorers]]+**[[Add-on:Tour de France|Tour de France]]
 +**[[Add-on:Holy Places|Holy Places]]
 +**[[Add-on:Great Explorers|Great Explorers]]
 +**[[World Wind server usage]]
 +*graphics/design stuff:
 +**[[:Image:Fef3.jpg|FEF logo]]
 +**[[Main Page]] redesign
 +**[[Java]] page and header image
 +*a few minor bugfixes in WW 1.4 release
 +*many updates of wiki pages
 +*thousands of spam posts and pages removed; hundreds of spammers banned/blocked ;)
---- ----
-'''[ my world wind blog]''' (in Polish)+[ my blog] about World Wind and other virtual globes ''(in Polish)''

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m_k (Michał Kursa)

  • age: 23
  • location: Warsaw, Poland :
  • occupation: student (Geodesy & Cartography) [1]

I sit on #worldwind channel, moderate forums and look after wiki, help n00bs with their World Wind problems...

Generally, I am trying to help wherever I can;
but usually - just dying of boredom. :P

some of my contributions

my blog about World Wind and other virtual globes (in Polish)

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