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-*[ Plug-in website]+*[ Plug-in website]. Latest version and links...
-*[[Add-on:Stars]]+*[[Add-on:Stars3D]]. Sharp star background from Hipparcos catalo.
-*[[Add-on:Sky and Fog Plug-ins (plugin)]]+*[[Add-on:Stars]]. Bitmap based star background w Moon or Earth.
-*[[Add-on:Atmospheric halo]]+*[[Add-on:Sky and Fog Plug-ins (plugin)]]. Sky and haze effect.
-*[[Add-on:Global_Clouds]]+*[[Add-on:Atmospheric halo]]. Adds a halo around Earth.
 +*[[Add-on:Global_Clouds]]. Almost real time cloud cover.
 +*[[Add-on:Globe_Icon|Globe icon plug-in]]. Adds a mini globe and overview window.
 +*[[Add-on:Compass_Rose|Compass rose plug-in]]. Adds a compass to World Wind.

Revision as of 01:13, 12 December 2005

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