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Is Tim ok?

Sadly no,

From Tim's Father,

if anyone is interested, the WorldWind community might want to create a brief English description of Tim to be read at his funeral. Possibly a wild idea, but I would concentrate on Tim as if he were still alive, thus ignoring the sad ending, and make it look like (sincere) LinkedIn references. It is probably (if you want to go there) best if one person volunteers to take the lead on organizing this. Preferably a peer contributor (although I appreciate Patrick's special role and writing style).

the funeral

As the funeral is only 3 days away, the current plan is to put some literal quotes from the stream of E-mails from you guys on the projector. Especially anything close enough to the above. If I have the strength, I will translate/summarize on the fly for the audience. If not, it becomes a slide show. Most people here are pretty ok with English. Per quote, I will include maybe the Internet nickname and the country (where known).

If somebody wants to assist, the "spec" is 5 minute PPT presentation with working title [writing from] "Tim's more virtual friends". Say max 5 slides with a limited amount of text per slide. Including an explanation of what the project was about is fine (and probably good).

Peter (the father).

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