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This is documentation for 5of0's WWBot. Many thanks to http://poe.perl.org/?POE_Cookbook/IRC_Bots for the framework. Enjoy!


Current commands

  • !faq
  • !slap Nick With what
    • "/me slaps Nick with a(n) With what"
  • !blurry
    • "High-resolution imagery is only avaliable for the United States, and selected areas that are avaliable through the ZoomIt! and Virtual Earth add-ons. For more information on Virtual Earth or ZoomIt, type @VE or @ZI."
  • !vista
    • "Most vista problems can be resolved by turning of UAC and rebooting."
  • !about (or !help)
    • lists helpful information about the bot (like a link to this page)
  • @list
    • lists most of the avaliable commands - only available for private message
  • And others...but I'll document them later, that's what @list is for

To be implemented

  • !save
    • saves the current state without exiting


Insert your ideas here!

  • !seen Nick
  • !quote
    • quote should just quote what users have said, like !qoute nowak would show 'fsk off', 'go away' etc in random order
  • !addquote
    • adds the quote to the bot


They're there, I'm sure!

  • !slap doesn't do a/an automatically - I'll get around to it

transcription services

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