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(WWJ application feature list: initial draft)
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This page is intended to gather and organize desired features and ideas for a future World Wind Java multiplatform application of the SDK.

For this list to be useful it needs to be clear enough so that anyone can understand what each listed feature or idea means. For instance "Plug-ins support" or "Add-ons support" is too vague. Please describe each new item with one or two sentences. If need be, add a paragraph in the "Notes" section at the bottom of the page to describe more complex features or ideas with possibly links to forum threads or other reference.

Right now this list is a draft but it should ultimately be sorted by priorities before any development starts.


[edit] Desired Features List

[edit] Must Have

  • Support for different 'worlds' or planets
  • Tree based layer manager. Add/remove layers, opacity and layer order control. Persistent.
  • Support for WW.net XML based Add-ons
  • Support for software extensions or plug-ins
  • Support for persistent WMS layers
  • Some KML support
  • Placemarks. Allow to save locations in one or different 'favorite places list'

[edit] Would Be Nice To Have

  • Support for Mercator tiled layers (GM, Yahoo, Virtual Earth...)
  • Full screen mode
  • 3D models support, KML?

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Sun light and shading

[edit] Architecture

  • Stand alone application or Eclipse RCP application?
  • Desktop vs Applet vs Java Web Start? All?
  • Plug-in based application: tiny core or stub, everything is a plug-in?

[edit] Notes

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