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In addition to donations WWC also uses sponsorship ads to raise money to cover operational costs. We use context-sensitive Google Adsense adverts which should show only relevant, friendly ads. We also have ads to family-friendly sites.



If you have any problems with any ads or would like to place an ad, please contact TheBeansprout or nosilleg.

Defined advertising sections

We try and make the ads fit into the site's appearance as much as possible. Therefore, we have the following styles:

  • Hotspots
    • A sponsored links box at the bottom of the Hotspots sidemenu. This holds a Vidahost advert and links to buy adverts from Adbrite.
  • Wiki
    • A dotted box (shown below) at the bottom of the specified pages.
    • A 728x90 Adsense leaderboard, white background. Placed on pages proven to show effective ads only/
    • A 728x15 Adsense link bar, purple background. Placed on most Wiki pages.
Example sponsored links box.

Pages exempt from ads

There are some pages which we will not put ads on.

  • User pages
  • Add-ons

Pages linked from winthin World Wind

Current ads

Currently the following ad:

Sponsored by textsheet.com, mychain.com, mapski.com, myfairbrady.com and mangolinks.com

Is on the following pages:

Amount paid: $285

Expiry date: 13th December

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