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In addition to donations WWC also uses sponsorship ads to raise money to cover operational costs. We use context-sensitive Google Adsense adverts which should show only relevant, friendly ads. We also have ads to family-friendly sites.


[edit] Contact

If you have any problems with any ads or would like to place an ad, please contact TheBeansprout or nosilleg.

[edit] Defined advertising sections

We try and make the ads fit into the site's appearance as much as possible. Therefore, we have the following styles:

  • Hotspots
    • A sponsored links box at the bottom of the Hotspots sidemenu. This holds a Vidahost advert and links to buy adverts from Adbrite.
  • Wiki
    • A dotted box (shown below) at the bottom of the specified pages.
    • A 728x90 Adsense leaderboard, white background. Placed on pages proven to show effective ads only/
    • A 728x15 Adsense link bar, purple background. Placed on most Wiki pages.
Example sponsored links box.

[edit] Pages exempt from ads

There are some pages which we will not put ads on.

  • User pages
  • Add-ons

[edit] Pages linked from winthin World Wind

[edit] Current ads

There are currently no adverts (apart from Google Adsense) running on the Wiki.

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