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This is a working document for information on NASA WorldWind's 1.3.4 release. NASA WorldWind version 1.3.4 is expected to enter beta testing the first week of April 2006 and be released mid April.

What's New

New Included Plugins

In this release, we're including some of the best community-contributed plugins:

  • KML Importing: this will allow compatibility with Google Earth placemarks, network links, and more, via ShockFire
  • Movie Recorder: Movie recording script. Plays back a script file with camera positions and records each frame to sequentially numbered bitmap files on disk, via Mashi
  • Measuring tool: measure distances/bearings on the globe, via Mashi
  • Starfield: adds a dynamicaly rendered starfield background to World Wind using data from the Hipparcos catalog, via Patrick Murris
  • Compass Rose: renders a compass in WorldWind, via Patrick Murris
  • Clock: On-screen clock, via Mashi

Updated Earth Datasets

Better, sharper imagery.

  • 15m pansharpened Landsat mosaic from GLF hosted by NASA (comparison images, courtesy Bull)
  • Improved elevation data based on SRTM+ and SRTM
  • ZoomIt! data: Additional datasets for parts of the US (MA, NY, IN, FL) and South Africa's Robben Island (approved but not added yet, problems with network layer loading?)

New Extraterrestrial Datasets

Exciting new uses for exploring our world and beyond.

Bug Fixes

  • review SVN commit logs for bugfix list
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