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Target release date: sometime near the end of March. Feature/high-risk commit freeze until then.

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Bugs with Chris' Checkin

  • edit - refesh current view only re-downloads the data when you select it the second time. (Bug or feature?)


  • New keychart (local file) needs to be distributed.

Fixed, should be tested

  • DDS/JPG saving bug (Only save DDS when xml tag is set to DDS, only save (and load) JPG when it's set to JPG) -- DOESN'T seem to work in 1.3.1A4 yet (28-03-05, 22:00GMT). (See post on forum)
  • Tile download problems apparently fixed.
  • Mashi has made it so Tahoma happens first, then default system font. ((Tahoma changed to Arial (since Tahoma isn't a "standard" Windows font). Some people feel Arial is harder to read. Note: (Tahoma is a standard Windows font in 98/2000/XP - Standard Windows Fonts -adamhill)))
  • Placenames seem to all be bold; least important things (small towns) shouldn't be bold, although continents/countries should (Chris fixed)
  • Jessi needs to check installer changes into CVS
  • <ShockFire> bug: starting with /f doesn't work right (fixed itself)
  • infomation typo in xml fixed; add-on authors need to update XML files
  • Placenames bug: If you turn placenames off, and back on again, they don't come back. A restart is needed then to get the placenames back. (anyone interested in fixing this?)
  • WW_Automation.xsd needs to be fixed in HEAD, included in instal1:
12:36 < Bull_[UK]> the new scripting update has a bug
12:37 < adamhill> line 279
12:37 < adamhill> in WW_Automation.xsd
12:37 < Bull_[UK]> <_adam_gfx> Bull: change the second 'X' on line 279 to a 'Y'

(the only reason I havent already comitted it is that I dont know if this .xsd file is part of an autogenerated set and will just get over written. -ah)


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