World Wind 1.3.1 Issues

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Revision as of 19:29, 17 March 2005 by Jessi (Talk | contribs)
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  • Font problems:
    • Wingdings2/3 is MS Office-only and many don't have it. Randy should make bitmaps from the glyphs.
    • Tahoma changed to Arial (since Tahoma isn't a "standard" Windows font). Some people feel Arial is harder to read. Note: (Tahoma is a standard Windows font in 98/2000/XP - Standard Windows Fonts -adamhill)
  • Tile download problems apparently fixed.
  • Jessi needs to check installer changes into CVS
  • Placenames bug: If you turn placenames off, and back on again, they don't come back. A restart is needed then to get the placenames back.
  • New keychart (local file) needs to be distributed.
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