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* <s>Stars move in the wrong direction (from West to East)</s>. Fix in Stars3D.cs, line 189 : -2 * Math.PI * <s>Stars move in the wrong direction (from West to East)</s>. Fix in Stars3D.cs, line 189 : -2 * Math.PI
* <s>Splash screen does not show loading status messages</s> (AFAIR it is supposed to work this way) - and seems to flicker ? * <s>Splash screen does not show loading status messages</s> (AFAIR it is supposed to work this way) - and seems to flicker ?
 +* On the KML Importer, placemarks don't show up it the altitude is not included. If it is not included then the alt should be assumed to be 0.
 + <coordinates>-80.7613,40.6314</coordinates> //Works in GE, not in WW
 + <coordinates>-80.7613,40.6314,0</coordinates> //Works in both...
==== Minor bugs ==== ==== Minor bugs ====

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This page is for listing of bugs that need to be squashed before there is a 1.3.6 and 1.4 release. This is the official bug list page. Be sure bugs are linked to a JIRA issue as well (if there is one). There will be no new features added, this is for bug squashing only.

World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0 while World Wind 1.3.6 requires .NET 1.1 and is intended for users in corporate or educational IT environments who aren't able to update to .NET 2.0. If you maintain your own PC then install .NET 2.0 and use World Wind 1.4. World Wind 1.3.6 should eventually be identical to 1.4 with the exception of any new features that might require .NET 2.0.



Please link to this page instead of direct download so bugs can be reported. Thanks.

1.4 Download

To download and install the latest 1.4 beta version (RC1) follow these steps:

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the archive wherever you want. The best location is probably \Program Files\NASA\, it will create a separate folder from your existing WW 1.3 install.

You should be able to have 1.4 and 1.3 installed at the same time because they keep their settings in separate locations. If you have run any other builds of 1.4 then you should delete your %appdata%\NASA\World Wind\\ folder.

NOTE: World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0.

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1.3.6 Download


1.3.6 Bugs

Most of the things broken in 1.4 are broken in 1.3.6 too

1.4 Bugs

  • worldwind:// links with "world=" parameters don't switch worlds.
  • Waving flag textures don't appear with low-end graphics cards. Flags are just white squares.
  • Mouse clicks go thru windows like time controller
  • Placenames downloads freeze other downloads, queued requests arent removed when layer is disabled
  • Camera jitter on high zoom (ie. 100 meters)
  • HTTP 404 handling broken on tiles downloads, higher level tiles will be requested even if parent returned 404 (ie. L=0,X=0,Y=0 returns 404, L=1,X=0,Y=0 will still be tried and return more 404s). If this is a 'feature' please provide other means of informing downloader that higher level tiles doesnt exist (custom HTTP error code, custom header, ...).
  • Need to change PlatformTarget from AnyCPU to x86 for future builds (fixes x86_64 issues)
  • Global placefinder does not work
  • Weird issues with OnMars layer, including blurry islands and WW-638
  • Links with target="_blank" attribute open new IE window
  • WW-649 Sun shading - Sun position is correct only for the Earth
  • If compass is on behind the Layer Manager you end up clicking the compass instead of the Layer Manager
  • NRL Weather plug-in still has broken links Here's a fixed version of the xml file, the images might not all be in the right spot, but the majority of them should be. NRL_Monterey.xml
  • WW-648 Should be a time resetbutton
  • linefeatures are always extruded to ground. (even with <ExtrudeHeight> option explicitly set to 0).
  • Turning off Blue Marble layer changes other layers to white
  • When having the camera next to the ground, and targeting at the horizon, the sky disappears, and a black globe appears
  • On the KML importer, the extrude line should not be drawn if the linestyle width parameter is set to 0. I use this to destinguish between the current track and history tracks when plotting aircraft positions. This is in JIRA here WW-624. Please see the screenshot I've posted in the forum here. Here are what my style tags looks like:
 <Style id="track_history">
 <Style id="track_current">

  • Legends (ScreenOverlay) turn themselves off when toggling layers on and off.
  • Multithreaded downloading bugged, probably lacks proper locking, threads are downloading same file This is not correctly implemented in 1.4 an improved version is in development, removed option from alt+w
  • Links from icons in World Wind don't open up in the web browser
  • Menu: Plugins / Blue Marble / Month selector for BMNG doesn't allow to select months older than current one.
  • Timecontroller doesnt show current time
  • Sun shading - Does not work properly for Jupiter (shadows everywhere - day side seems to pop out sometime...)
  • TextureFormat is locked to DXT3, cant change to anything else
  • Waving flags didn't appear have to wait a bit
  • WW-642 - ZIP SRTM ISSUES causes spiky terrain (has anyone actually seen this with the current build?) (provisionally crossed-off until someone can confirm that it exists)
  • ZoomIt! url needs to be changed to or preferably
  • WW-630 - image overlay needs precision fix fix
  • Web browser:
    • entering p, l, v, b into the address field enables/disables WW functions - layer manager, WMS browser...)
    • after changing orientation V<->H (and resizing WW window) the browser might be hidden
  • WW-650 Atmospheric scattering is enabled for all planets. Fix in World.cs, line 408 : if (IsEarth && World.Settings.EnableAtmosphericScattering)
  • WW-651 Stars show over atmospheric scattering and the Sun (use additive alpha blending). Fix in World.cs : move line 426 RenderStars(drawArgs, RenderableObjects); before 408 if(World.Settings.EnableAtmosphericScattering)
  • Planetary Rings are off - need recenter fix
  • Should be able to choose if icon descriptions are shown (new feature, not a bug)
  • Some functions (eg. ModelFeatures !) won't work for french users (at least), due to parsing errors : should add CultureInfo.InvariantCulture to parsing instructions in...
    • PluginSDK/ConfigurationLoader.cs, ll. 2010-2021 : in Convert.ToSingle instructions (should be the same for commented addWater function a few lines below)
    • WorldWind/NRLWeather.cs, ll. 237-240 : in Double.Parse instructions
    • WorldWind/ShapeFileLoader.cs, ll. 857 and 889 : in Float.Parse instructions
      • Fixed these and many other CultureInfo bugs found by FxCop, updated files are here, should just have to unzip into source tree. There probably still more to fix, is there an automated way to do that?
    • Plugin PlanetaryRings.cs, ll 162-163 : Double.Parse Get fixed .cs here (v1.1)
  • Amount of information logged to WorldWind.log should be reduced (the logs are huge now because it was built in debug mode, a release build will cut down the amount of logging)
  • WMS Browser: couldn't connect to GLOBE server (System FormatException: Input String was not in a correct format) Server side error again.
  • Stars move in the wrong direction (from West to East). Fix in Stars3D.cs, line 189 : -2 * Math.PI
  • Splash screen does not show loading status messages (AFAIR it is supposed to work this way) - and seems to flicker ?
  • On the KML Importer, placemarks don't show up it the altitude is not included. If it is not included then the alt should be assumed to be 0.

<coordinates>-80.7613,40.6314</coordinates> //Works in GE, not in WW <coordinates>-80.7613,40.6314,0</coordinates> //Works in both...

Minor bugs

  • When sun shading is enabled lat&lon lines are rendered in black
  • Compass 3D and scale bar position and size and not saved across sessions
  • Timecontroller doesn't scale (as nicely as Compass 3D)
  • Compass 3D only shrinks against bottom and right-hand side borders. (timecontroller doesn't do this at all)
  • Terrain looks "blocky" when sun shading is activated. The transitions between the tiles aren't seamless.
  • SDSS @Images.xml needs to be changed, the WMAP doesn't have 21 levels it has 5. Zooming in past the fifth level gives you black tiles. Also can the icon images it references be in the Data directory rather than Addons since SDSS is included with World Wind?
  • Shall we remove duplicated add-ons/plugins? (i.e. Flags of the World/Waving Flags, Atmosphere plugin/Atmospheric scattering)
  • ScreenOverlays for icons are not visible (they work in 1.3.6)
  • Network XML requests contain BBOX param (ie. .../index-1.3.4.xml?BBOX=-177.3730309438,-95.980852772773,2.6269690562001,84.019147227227)
  • Help->About World Wind - the image doesn't fit
  • Compass doesn't have an icon to turn it on as in previous versions
  • Help->Walktrough points to old site ( WW-647 fixed in SVN
  • NRL Weather plug-in still has broken links
  • Clicking icons on the toolbar (Layer Manager, Lat/Lon lines) doesn't change the View menu
  • Compass 3D and scale bar show a light rectangle overlay (should be transparent) (color can be set in alt-w menu now)
  • Sun shading and atmospheric scattering : it would make sens to have options in the View menu - not only in the less accessible Options dialog

Installer Bugs

  • Installer does not exist at this point.
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