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This release was developed by FEF in support of NASA

If you got to this page by clicking a download link on another site, then you should be aware that World Wind 1.4 will not be officially released by NASA until 14 February 2007 and any version you download from here before that time may or may not end up being the same as that final version.

This page is for the listing of any serious bugs that occur before the official 1.4 release. This is the official bug list page. Be sure bugs are linked to a JIRA issue as well (if there is one). There will be no new features added, this is for bug squashing only.

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. Bug reports like "Feature X doesn't work" are useless in helping us identify problems.

World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0


Please link to this page instead of direct download so bugs can be reported. Thanks.

World Wind 1.4.0 Final (07 Feb 2007)

  1. Direct HTTP download
  2. BitTorrent download

You should be able to have 1.4 and 1.3 installed at the same time because they keep their settings in separate locations. If you have run any other builds of 1.4 then you should delete your %appdata%\NASA\World Wind\\ folder.

NOTE: World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0 and Managed DirectX October 2005.

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