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2005-04-18: Initial CVS dump of v1.4 "Pre-Alpha Test" code. - Chris Maxwell

  • Under CVS branch "WORLDWIND_V1_4_DDH_20050418"
  • Implements mult-image terrain draping with opacity support
    • Opacity support depends on a vertex shader (therefore, the video card must support at least an early vertex shader)
    • Code must be added to check for vertex shader version and set a variable in DrawArgs that signifies the vertex and pixel shaders
  • New SurfaceRenderer class as part of the World object, use this to render images on planet surface from now on
    • ImageLayer and QuadTileSet use SurfaceRenderer exclusively now, possible change later to support use w/o SurfaceRenderer
    • Have not tested animations using SurfaceRenderer, work needs to be done in this regard
    • Need to modify ImageLayer and QuadTileSet to ignore SurfaceRenderer if "DistanceAboveSurface" greater than zero
  • Please update this page with stability issues.
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