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[edit] Major Content to be Added

  • Feature articles about the datasets included in World Wind. Where did they come from? What's the story behind the data? How was it incorporated into World Wind?
  • How the World Wind project works. What was the motivation behind developing WW? What's the history of the program? Interviews with developers.
  • Who uses World Wind and for what: teaching, research, hobby ... in which countries... how many, how often, statistics from the server(s), growth history

[edit] Concept screenshots

Just some ideas I've been messing with.

First: Concept1 Comments thus far: Top buttons needed - separate major links to top and additional links to left, like Explorer Schools

[edit] New Organization of

Top nav bar tabs:

[World Wind (info)] [Download] [Add-ons] [Support] [Developers]

Bottom nav:

About; Privacy policy/disclaimers

[edit] Current Content on

(Specific content --> Generic category)

  • Features --> Info about WW
  • Add-on packs --> Add-ons
  • Screen shots --> Info about WW
  • Press --> News / Info about WW
  • Contact us --> Meta info
  • FAQ --> Support/Documentation
  • Manual --> Support/Documentation
  • Download --> Info about WW / Servers
  • News --> News / Info about WW
  • Forum --> Community

[edit] Content to be Added

  • Developers (documentation, how to get started, SourceForge/CVS info, community resources)
  • Contributor/Partners page
  • Wiki (user documentation)
  • External sites (e.g., worldwindcentral)
  • Server status page
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