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Mars - offline
Developer Bull_[UK] & Nowak
Latest release 1.0 / 2005-08-26
License undefined
Web site World Wind Forums Thread

Note: World Wind 1.3.4 includes high resolution pictures of the Mars built-in, therefore this add-on need not be installed if you are using World Wind 1.3.4 or higher.

Since the 1.3 version of World Wind was released people have been asking for a new Mars add-on, unfortunately the format for elevation changed between 1.2 and 1.3 and the data was never reprocessed, also the server which held the high resolution imagery moved to a new host and this data was lost.

This add-on is a repack of Nowak's original add-on which I have altered so it does not try to access online data, and cleaned up the directory structure. The add-on will install a shortcut to your desktop which will automatically load World Wind with Mars as the default planet.

Thanks to Nowak of World Wind Central for the original add-on, and Withak for reminding me how cool it was.

[edit] Notes for advanced users

Pangloss has found the missing image tiles, you can download pack 1 (205MB) and pack 2 (608MB) and the XML to use these files from twobeds. Be warned the files extract to around 3GB.

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